Terms of service

The Binders application (“Application”) provided by the Generism team (“Generism”) is a database management app which enables the user to create his own databases for end-user devices.

Learning use of the application is free of charge. Then personal or professional licenses are required, depending on the user usage and available features.

Scope of application

The use of this application is permitted exclusively in accordance with these general terms and conditions of use (“Agreement”). By beginning the use of the application, the user accepts the validity of this agreement in its current version. The conditions of this agreement shall apply to all upgrades, updates, changes, and amendments to the application (“updates”) and to all information available through the use of the application unless other separate agreements which then take priority are reached for these items. This agreement shall apply exclusively to the relationship between Generism and the user; contradictory conditions of the user or conditions which deviate from this agreement or the statutory provisions shall not apply, even if Generism does not explicitly reject them.

Generism may make changes to this agreement at any time. Generism shall communicate the amended agreement to the user with particular emphasis on the changes, allowing for a reasonable period for objections. If the user does not object to the changes within this period and continues to use the application after its expiration, this shall constitute acceptance of the amended agreement. Generism shall inform the user of this consequence when it provides notification of the amended agreement. In the event that a user submits an objection to the amended agreement within the period for objections, Generism can terminate the user's use of the application.

If the application is used by companies or other legal entities, the company or legal entity shall be represented by the user and assumes responsibility for the user's actions and knowledge.

This agreement between the user and Generism enters into force upon installation of a relevant app, the first use of the application.

Registration, password

The use of the application does not require any registration.

The user can protect a binder access with a password which is encrypted and stored in the binder itself.


All licenses follow the Google Play Store purchasing policy. A license purchase is lifetime, is linked to a Google account and is available for all devices.

After a license purchase, Generism can provide a dedicated password to enable licensing if Google Play Store is not available for some device.

This password is for the exclusive use of the license purchasing user.


Fees are available on Google Play Store licenses applications pages.

The price depends on the publishing country and its taxes.

User's responsibilities

The user is responsible for user contents and other data processed using the application.

If the user makes user contents available to Generism in the course of using the application (e.g. sending a binder to Generism support), data confidentiality is respected.


Elements of the application or Generism website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites (e. g. Java). Generism does not assume responsibility for the contents of these websites and Generism does not claim these websites and their contents as its own.

Liability for legal and material defects

Generism does not provide any warranty or guarantee that the application (i) is compatible with the user's hardware or software; (ii) will be completely available at all times or at any given time; (iii) the user's requirements or other special performance or functional requirements which are not agreed in this agreement will be fulfilled; (iv) will not cause any loss of data; (v) is free of viruses, malware, malfunctions or other components which pose a security risk.

For his own protection and for the protection of the application, the User shall use appropriate, current security measures (firewall, virus scanners, etc.).

If the user discovers a defect in the application, he shall inform Generism of the defect without delay and describe the defect and the circumstances surrounding its discovery in the greatest possible detail. Generism shall attempt to remedy the defect within an appropriate period of time. The responsibility to remedy defects is limited to the application.

No provision in this agreement excludes Generism's liability to the user for personal injury, intent, fraudulent misrepresentation, or other cases of mandatory liability which by law cannot be excluded.

Support and updates

Generism shall offer limited product support and updates on a voluntary basis according to its own judgment. The user is not entitled to more extensive support or updates from Generism.

Term and termination

Generism reserves the right to completely or partially modify, suspend or cease the application at any time, even without prior notice.

Confidentiality and data protection

None except the user can access its data.

Generism retrieves no data from the application and cloud services can't read encrypted data from the stored binders.

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